Know the Risk: Causes of Asbestos Lung Cancer

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Presently, asbestos has become one of the most hazardous materials that have been mostly utilized in construction sites so that they can build a stronger building or house. The problem is, very few blue collared workers are actually aware of the dangers of this mineral. This makes them extremely vulnerable to all sorts of diseases, particularly in their respiratory system such as asbestos lung cancer. Yes, you read that right. Asbestos can cause cancer and this is certainly a grievous matter that the authorities need to attend to so that people can avoid this kind of construction material that can truly be dangerous to anyone’s health. This is the reason why you must make a bit of an effort to completely understand everything about asbestos so you can effectively prevent yourself, your loved ones, and your friends from having asbestos lung cancer and other diseases that can be brought by this mineral. Read on to learn more.

Asbestos: What is it?
The first thing that you must know is the definition of asbestos and how come it has become rather famous to almost all construction companies all over the world. Asbestos is a kind of silicate mineral that is commonly recognized by its sturdiness, durability, elasticity, ductile strength, resistance to fire, heat, and chemical damages, and it is also a great electrical insulator. All of these factors have made this a wonderful tool to build all sorts of establishments, roads, buildings, houses, and the like without having to worry about getting impaired so easily.

Asbestos Lung CancerWhy does it cause asbestos lung cancer?
It is quite normal for you to think as to why does this seemingly innocent and extremely useful chunk of mineral can give you asbestos lung cancer and other health problems that can truly be incurable and fatal to most people who have been unfortunate enough to become affected by this material. The answer is very simple. It is because of its microscopic fibers that you can unconsciously inhale or intake when your hands are contaminated by it. These fibers can easily get stuck in your lungs and it can be the perfect breeding ground of malignant tumors thus, causing you asbestos lung cancer along the way.

Besides asbestos lung cancer, are there any other diseases?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. There are a whole lot of other diseases which are mostly respiratory illnesses that asbestos can give you especially when you have been exposed to it for too long. You might want to continue reading so you can further learn about several kinds of maladies that this mineral can easily give you.

Asbestositis. Like asbestos lung cancer, this is also a respiratory disease that is rather incurable because it consists of fibers that have been continuously accumulating in your lungs until it has formed some sort of a honeycomb inside. This can make breathing extremely difficult all the time and it can give you wheezing episodes.

Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is an uncommon illness that is mostly caused by an abnormal inflammation of the outer linings or membranes of your abdomen and chest. Prolong asbestos exposure can give you a higher risk on getting this sickness.

Cancer. Aside from asbestos lung cancer, the fibers can also give you cancerous tumors that can grow in your colon, kidney, digestive system, esophagus, larynx, and pharynx because your food or water that you drink can quickly be contaminated especially when you have been constantly in contact with asbestos.