Know the Risk: Causes of Asbestos Lung Cancer

Presently, asbestos has become one of the most hazardous materials that have been mostly utilized in construction sites so that they can build a stronger building or house. The problem is, very few blue collared workers are actually aware of the dangers of this mineral. This makes them extremely vulnerable to all sorts of diseases, […] Read more »

Learning About Asbestos Claims

Today, the amount of asbestos claims has certainly increased and it is rather alarming to know and see that a lot of people are getting sick due to the dire effects that can unknowingly be caused when exposed to this material for too long. That is why it is extremely important that you are aware […] Read more »

Asbestos Litigation

Asbestos cannot be viewed by the naked eye. It resembles thin threads that can attach to a person’s body or clothing and on other materials. After having been identified as a carcinogen, asbestos has been used less and less in constructing homes, buildings, ships and other structures. Products that once contained asbestos are now being […] Read more »

How To Remove Asbestos Shingles

Some houses are covered with asbestos shingles on their outer walls. There is no need to remove the shingles if these are undamaged and intact. Unfortunately, shingles are prone to wear and tear. Ideally, a professional should remove asbestos shingles. However, if you need to remove the asbestos shingles yourself, below are the procedures you […] Read more »

Qualities of A Successful Asbestos Attorney

Asbestos has been a hot button topic for many years. People exposed to asbestos can contract various asbestos-related illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. With the help of an asbestos attorney, a number of victims of asbestos exposure have sued asbestos manufacturers, their employers and people they believed were liable for their asbestos […] Read more »

Asbestos Poisoning

There are many poisons in this world that if ingested will manifest itself immediately. Exposure to certain poisons often presents life-threatening symptoms that warrant the victim to be taken to the emergency room as soon as possible. Unfortunately, asbestos poisoning does not show itself until after at least 15 years. Some victims of asbestos poisoning […] Read more »